"You Are Really Believe Me?"

 She isn't your average girl. She has the coolest smile and mood ever. She isn't even that... she's more. 

Her purpose in life should be to help make things easier on people and to make the 
people happy.
But she's a little rusty due to lack of confidence because of some past experiences.
And to add to that, she can change people's lives in an extraordinary way, but she tryto live inside a little box .
She'd have to go back to the cave, and God knows she couldn't afford that.
She need to be outside her invisible box. 
Smiling and enjoy life and what people could offer to her. She need cool people around her, really cool....
                                                I'm a average person.

Love che challenges , "good looks", people say and I'm always attract from hot girls.
But that all changes when a certain mystery girl comes into your life.
As a college graduate with a normal daddy, I love just relaxing, letting loose on life.
Nothing matters to me but just listen music and shoot with my camera as many pictures I could , nothing else... but what if that mystery girl expands my vision?
                                                Time running out.
                             Fear tearing at the seams, trying to break in.
             And an extraordinary girl could have a relationship with a average person?
                                                         Love?                         Possibly but need to be explored and tested.

                            But the question is, do you really believe in me?

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Looking for the next step

What will gonna drive you back down on the road, walking through streets and pavements?

Two people that feel so good to talking all day...

Chatting every moment that I could and listen Chet  allday long.

Give to me two mouths and I could use both in the same time and start to say one of the hundreds stories that stuck in my brain and deep on my soul and I love sometimes to say.

Talking all day about our own frustations because we need to find a way to smile in this fucking world.

Go to the station, take the next train and jump off at the next stop .

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